Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recipe Fail: Reheating Brown n' Serve Rolls (yes, I messed those up.)

I don't know what happened.
Making rolls for Braden's Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast.
Put the rolls in, stepped away for a few minutes, come back to smoke all over my kitchen.

That's not entirely true.
I do know what happened. I stopped using my brain.

Okay, here's the problem- usually when I buy rolls I get the Sweet Hawaiian Rolls from Costco. You cook them at a low temp & leave the rolls in the paper tray & put the paper tray into the oven.

For these rolls the oven temp was set to 450. Not exactly a low temp.

When my husband came home from work he asked, "what am I smelling?"
me: "I burnt rolls today."
J, looks at the burnt rolls: "Those aren't the rolls you normally get."
me: "No! And that's the problem! I put the paper in the oven b/c w/ the rolls I normally get that's what you do!"
J: "What was the oven set to?"
me: "450."
J: "Did you not remember-
me: "No! I know! I remembered after the fact!"
J: "That's like the only thing useful we learned in Literature!!!"

Of course, we're refering to the book Fahrenheit 451.
Had I really thought about it I would have remembered that 451 degrees is the temperature that paper burns.
And I even read that one, too!

~ alison

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