Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Recipe Fail: Pizza Pie

Well this one wasn't intentional anyway.  I haven't been feeling great and my sweet husband decided he'd take care of dinner.  He pulled a ball of frozen dough out of the freezer and asked if it was pizza dough.  I told him I wasn't sure - so he tasted it and said it was.  The other thing he figured it could have been was sugar cookie dough.

Pizza rolled, topped, baked.

When he pulled it out I heard him say, "I don't think this pizza dough was good anymore".  I went to look at it and realized he had used a pie crust.

Not delicious to say the least.

We ate it anyway.

Lesson learned:  label your doughs!


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  2. Veronica, Thanks for stopping by & saying Hi! It's nice to hear from you.
    Have a great day! :-)

  3. As Homer Simpson would say,