Friday, November 18, 2011

Grocery Ad Match 11/16-11/24

I'll be traveling this week & will not be planning meals so I didn't spend a lot of time scouring the ads.

But since I have such a huge following I'll go thru the ads & find a few highlights.

Kale $.59/bunch Kroger
Onions, yellow white or red $.49/lb Sprouts
Tomatoes, on the vine $.77/lb
Oranges, naval $.99/lb Sprouts
Pears, Bartlett $.99/lb Sprouts
Apples, Granny Smith. Gala. $99/lb Sprouts
Green Onions $49/bunch Sprouts
Celery $.77/ea Sprouts
Broccoli Crowns $.69/lb

Chicken- Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.77 lb Sprouts
Beef- Bottom Round or Rump Roast $2.99/lb Albertsons
Beef- Eye of Round Roast $3.49/lb Brookshire's (used to make High Temperature Eye of Round Roast)

Cheese, Store brand, 6-8oz (sliced/shredded) $2 Kroger
Cheese, Kraft 5-12oz shredded/whole/singles $2 Brookshire's
Pillsbury Rolls- Crescent rolls 8oz, sweet rolls 12.4-13.9oz, grands biscuits 12-17.3oz $.99/ea Albertsons
Butter- LandOLakes $2.50 Albertsons

Cranberry Sauce, Ocean Spray 14oz $.99 Albertsons

Ritz Crackers 7.5-16oz $2 Kroger
What Thins & Nabisco Crackers 7oz-10oz $1.67 Tom Thumb
Ritz Toasted Chips 8.1oz $1.67 Tom Thumb
Wish Bone Salad Dressing 16oz $1.19 Tom Thumb
Chips- Lays/Cheetos/Fritos 9-10.5oz $2 Brookshire's

Frozen Vegetables, bagged, 9-12oz $.88 Kroger
Red Baron Pizza 14.76-22.63 oz $2.99 Tom Thumb
Cool Whip Whipped Topping 8oz $.89/Brookshire

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