Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thousand Island Chicken

Disclaimer:  This is not an impressive meal.

It is however super yummy.  That's an official chef's term.  Super yummy.

And at my house it's called my "Crazy Good Chicken".   It's really nothing special, but I know I always love it.  I'm weird though- I don't eat beans, tuna, or eggs.  EVER.  ick 

And somewhere along the way I acquired these horribly ugly recipe cards and used them anyway.  Note to self:  keep handwriting neater, card may appear on blog

So there's the ingredients.  Here's What Ya Do:
Coat the chicken in Thousand Island dressing and then bread crumbs & parmesan cheese (mix these together).  I used Panko, but you can use whatever you have.  Slice up onions and peppers.  *Red taste the best to me.
Toss all in a baking dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until juices run clear.

You can substitute any salad dressing obviously.  I don't even like thousand island normally, but on this chicken it's wonderful.

And as you can see, I served it with very sophisticated green beans.  Straight from the can. Heated in the microwave.  
Hey, give me a break.  My back is injured, I've got a two year old, and a four month old- most nights I feel satisfied just getting a hot meal made.  Sometimes opening a can of green beans is the best I can do.  

AND... we had a major recipe fail this week too. 
Balsamic Garlic Herb Chicken
I've had this recipe for about 5 years and have been meaning to make it, but just now got around to it.  It was terrible.  My husband thought it was really sick too.
Here it is:
at least the veggies were good.

So the recipe ended up in the trash with the diapers.

We have family Christmas plans this weekend, so tonight is a no cooking night!  We are using a Chili's gift card to get take out.  (thank you My Points!)

Happy Thursday!

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